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Stage 4 water conservation measures


The city of Dawson Creek has declared stage 4 water conservation measures for the city and pounce Coupe.

During this time residents are asked not to water lawns, flowers, vegetable gardens or any other plants.

Swimming pools, hot tubs and fountains are also not to be refilled.

The public is also asked to not wash sidewalks or driveways and to not haul water for non potable use.

The city says stage four conservation efforts also apply to companies pulling water from the Kiskatinaw.

The oil and gas commission already ordered oil and gas operations to suspend short term water withdrawals back in august.

Cameron Schulz owner of the Legacy car wash in Dawson Creek appeared at the special council meeting today to ask that his business and other car washes in town be exempt from stage 4 measures.

Car washes make up just over 1 percent of the cities daily water use.

Chief administrative officer Jim Chute suggested if the city where to not exempt car washes the owners would be affected and could possibly go under.

Council exempted them from the restrictions as well as some watering of some newly planted greenery in the mile zero park.

The city also says there will be cutting back on their water use by cutting back on some city operations.

Right now the bylaw states as of September 30th any water conservation measures put in place will expire.

Depending on the weather staff may recommend in the near future that council push that date back at a later council meeting.