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Young driver nailed for going nearly 100 km/h over speed limit


Many drivers exceed the speed limit from time to time, but one youngdriver's lead foot has lost him his car, possibly his licence, and with nearly $800 in fines. RCMP pulled over a pick-up truck travelling on the Alaska Highway between Fort St. John and Charlie Lake going 169 km/h in a 70 km/h zone at about 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. 

RCMP Corporal Tim Paulmert, who pulled over the driver, says a young driver going that fast is very risky and it could have ended badly.

The 17 year old driver driver, who only has an N licence, was fined $483. The vehicle is impounded for seven days, and a $320 surcharge will be tacked on once he renews his licence. There is a possibility the driver may also lose his license once the violation is reviewed by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.