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Have your friends arrested for charity


Has someone at home or at work been getting on your nerves lately? Well now you can have them arrested! The 9th annual Jail and Bail will be taking place on September 4th,and n this Cops for Cancer fundraiser people will be arrested and have to collect pledges in order to pay their bail. Information packages are being distributed throughout the city that include arrest warrants to fill out says Cst. Brad Vandine.

"Within that package is a warrant page where people can nominate their boss, their friends, their employees, anyone within the community that they want to be arrested. What happens is they can fax it back to us at our fax number, which is 250-787-8133. What we'll do is on that day we'll go around to whoever has been nominated, and ultimately take them to jail for the day until they can raise the amount of money that has been determined by their friends or their employees to get released."

Once Vandine is done helping with the Jail and Bail he will continue raising money for Cops for Cancer as he joins the Tour de North bike ride to Williams Lake.

"We'll be stopping in several communities throughout the way. Fort St. John, Hudson's Hope, Chetwynd, Prince George, all the way down until we reach William's Lake. We'll be meeting up with community members, and seeing children in schools, and just creating awareness and just getting our faces out there."

The officers taking part in the Tour de North will be cycling through northern BC on a six day tour, and Vandine says there has been a lot of training involved.

"I've been cycling since April despite the bad weather that we've been having here this summer. Actually just yesterday we went on a bike ride to Hudson Hope. So we try to go to different communities and bike, and get on the saddle as much as we can to be ready and prep for the day that the tour starts."

After people are arrested for Jail and Bail they will be put in a jail cell in the Totem Mall, where people can make in person donations as well.