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Record-breaking snowfall yesterday in Fort St John

Previous record was set in 1960


Sunday's snowfall broke the day's record for the most amount of snow for the first day of December. 

Environment Canada had issued a snowfall warning for the region, and meteorologist Doug Lundquist says it was due to an arctic front.

"We have had an arctic front move through and as the arctic air deepens it's colliding with some moister air and it resulted in really heavy snow yesterday," said Lundquist. "22 centimetres in the Fort St John area reported and that's where the long-term record goes and we double checked and it looks like the preliminaries are coming in, it's a record for the day."

While 20 to 25 centimetres of snow is not uncommon for this time of year, it did break the record for December 1st.

The previous record was 9 centimetres of snow set in 1960. But these conditions are not expected to last much longer.

Lundquist says the snow will subside while the temperatures are expected to drop this week.

"Well there's a few more flurries on the radar showing yet but it's really going to start to clear out in the next couple of days," he added. "We'll probably only have an accumulation of a couple centimetres or maybe up to 4 cm at the most and it looks like by Wednesday it will be completely clear and sunny and that'll allow the temperatures to really drop so we'll be getting overnight lows into the minus mid-twenties and highs only recovering for mid-week into the minus-low teens into the 19s... so much colder."

He adds that this year will be an unpredictable one as far as long-term forecasts go, but that it will warm up by next weekend.